Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sew What? Poncho

Yes, this is my knitting blog, but sometimes fleece and sewing seem like a better choice!  Two yards of fleece and 18" of sewing (twice) makes 2 ponchos!

My daughter crocheted this poncho!
2 yards fleece,
sewing thread    
yard stick or
measuring tape
scissors, pins
sewing machine
chalk or soap for marking details
30 minutes 
 Finished sizes: 
smaller: (66"fleece)  length 33", width 27"
larger:   (72"fleece)  length 36", width 30"

  Let me share photos of the process: 
I gathered materials and supplies.  I have enough fleece to make 4 ponchos.
I trimmed off the salvage edge.
We are small (almost 5').  I measured and cut the fleece vertically at  27" wide.  Full size: cut fleece vertically in half at 30"
I measured and cut the fleece at 66".  Full size: leave the fleece at 2yards,  72"
 I folded the fleece in half at 33", measured and pinned, leaving the fleece not sewn, near the fold, for a 14" opening.   I stitched a 16" seam, leaving 3" remaining for fringe.  Full size:  fold fleece in half at 36", measure and pin, leaving it not sewn, near the fold, for a 14.5" opening, stitch a 18.5" seam, and leave 3" remaining for fringe. 
Finished and turned, the poncho looked like this.  The seam is to our right.
On the blue poncho, I used a sliver of soap to mark the 3" up for the fringe.
I kept the yardstick near by to cut 1" wide fringe. 
Oops, happy accident!  I snipped a fringe on the under layer.  I knew to keep all of that out of reach, but I liked the 1/2" wide fringe.  To solve that problem, I then went back and snipped all the fringes again. 
Yes, this was a fun project!  I have 4 ponchos ready to gift for the holidays!

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