Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ribbon Stitch Hat

Taking inspiration from the mission and guidelines of Wool-Aid, the Ribbon Stitch Hat is designed to create a warm woolen hat for a child who lives in the coldest climate and has the least access to resources. The hat is worked as a modification of Ribbon Stitch (400 knitting stitches, p168) giving the knitter something interesting to do, but keeping the texture simple enough for either gender. This may be considered an advanced beginner or intermediate pattern because you'll be working with two colors, just one per round, then slipping stitches. This hat takes just a few hours to knit, making the Ribbon Stitch Hat perfect for a charity such as Wool-Aid.

Finished size: Child: flat 15”, stretches to 20”circumference, height 10” 

Gauge: 16 stitches, 30 rows = 4”      garter stitch as presented in this pattern

Materials: Yarn: wool in bulky weight

Main color 103yards/75grams + Contrasting color 34yards/25grams = 137yards/100grams total

Photo: Ribbon Stitch Hat is knit in Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes Bulky ; 
Main color: Blackberry, Contrasting color: Avocado

Needles: Size US #9, US #10, 16” circular needles, set size US#10, double pointed needles.

Notions: Stitch markers, tapestry needle

Abbreviations: CO=cast on      K=knit k2tog=knit 2 stitches together       k2togbl=knit 2 stitches together through the back loop      P=purl      p2tog=purl 2 stitches together Rnd/s=round/s      sts=stitches      S=slip stitch purl-wise holding yarn to the back      MC=main color      CC=contrasting color

Brim: With US#9(5.5mm) needles, CO 64, join to work in the round.

MC rnds 1-15: K2, p2 rib, (3”)  

Hat: With US#10(6mm) needles,
MC rnd 1: Knit
MC rnd 2: Purl
MC rnd 3: Knit
CC rnd 4: * Knit 3, slip 1; repeat to end
CC rnd 5: * Purl 3, slip 1 ; repeat to end
Work in pattern 9” from CO, ending on rnd 5. (repeat rnds 1-5 nine times)

Crown Move to 4 double pointed needles when needed
MC rnd 1: * Knit 16, place marker; repeat to end
MC rnd 2: * P2tog, p 11, p2tog, p1; repeat to end
MC rnd 3:* k2tog, k 9, k2togbl, k1; repeat to end
CC rnd 4: * K1, S1, (k3, S1)twice, k1,S1; repeat to end
CC rnd 5: * P1, S1, (p2tog, p1, S1)twice, p1, S1; repeat to end
MC rnd 6: Knit
MC rnd 7: * P2tog, p5, p2tog, p1; repeat to end
MC rnd 8: * K2tog, k3,k2togbl, k1; repeat to end
CC rnd 9: * K2, S1; repeat to end
CC rnd 10: * P2tog, S1; repeat to end
MC rnd 11: Knit
MC rnd 12: * P2tog; repeat to end

Finishing: Cut 12” yarn, thread through remaining stitches. Tie off neatly. Weave in tails.

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Here are photos of the process:
The box of yarn arrived from KnitPicks!

From the bulky yarn,  I selected the hanks of Avocado and Blackberry.  I also gathered tools.

With US#9(5.5mm) needles, CO64 stitches, and worked the K2, P2 ribbing for 15 rounds (3"). Then I knitted the first round of the hat onto US#10(6mm)needles ready to start the Ribbon Stitch pattern.

I worked the Ribbon Stitch pattern.  (Note: Looking at the ruler, I was early in setting the markers.)  Next time, to solve that problem, work 9 repeats of the Ribbon Stitch pattern, set markers at 16sts, and begin the crown decreases.

I moved to 4 double pointed needles, and knitted with the 5th to finish  the hat.  I had a couple rounds of MC yet to completed.
Ribbon Stitch Hat!  (Note:This hat was worked with 8 repeats of the Ribbon Stitch pattern, usually the hats are worked with 9 repeats.)
The Ribbon Stitch Hat has a great fold up brim!