Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sew What? scarf/mitt/beverage cozy

12/26/13  Yes, this is my knitting blog, but sometimes fleece and sewing seem like a better choice!  You'll have 363 days to complete this project, but I decided early Christmas Eve morning that I wanted to present gifts to some good friends of mine.   I had just a few hours!

Materials and supplies:
3 hours and basic sewing skills
1 yard fleece (2yards in photo)
thread (matching or contrasting)
sewing machine
ruler or yardstick
oven mitt

Taking inspiration from three excellent sources, Pints&Purls, Don't Forget Your Mitten by Karida Collins, p79;
 Beer Mitt by Toby Roxane Barna available on knitty,  and fleece scarf  by StellaBellaRose,
I decided to sew the University scarf/mitt/beverage cozy.

You will need: 1 yard fleece (2nd yard waiting in the chair), ruler or yard stick, scissors, pins, and an oven mitt.  You'll also need a sewing machine and matching or contrasting thread.

Make 3 cuts at 9".  This creates four 9" x 60" strips.

Trim the salvage, and cut fringe for scarves or go to the sewing machine.

Scarf, or go to the sewing machine with two strips.

 With all the spools of thread, no orange.  I solved that problem by sewing in a contrasting black.  It looked good, and made it easier for you to see the detail.  

Sew two of the strips together at the 9"ends.  Be careful to put right sides together, and the print reading in the same direction.  Then trim the seam, and top stitch (faux flat-felt) down.

Again, you could stop here and have a long scarf, but let's keep going.

With one of the strips, fold double, and cut loosely around the oven mitt. Also cut a 9" by 12" rectangle for the beverage cozy.  I measured a few beverage containers, d x pi = c.   3 x 3.14 = 9.42"  I rounded up to 12".

To make the beverage cozy, fold right sides together, and pin along the 9" edge.  Then fold the 12" edge in half, twice, to sew four 1.5"seams.  This will create a square bottom for the round beverage, but that was not perfect...
As you're sewing the 1.5" seams, make a curved seam as illustrated in the photo. Trim away the excess fleece.
Turn right-side out, and place the beverage cozy on the left mitt being careful to have the opening up, and very near the thumb joint.  Sew the 9"seam, trim the seam closest to the mitt, and top stitch (faux flat-felt) down.

Place mitts on ends of scarf, wrong sides together and the print reading the same direction. 
 Sew around the mitts leaving the wrist open.  I stitched around a second time.

 Trim away the excess fleece around the fingers and thumb.  I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of that step.

 With 2 yards of fleece, I was able to make 2 University scarf/mitt/beverage cozy(s).  I also had fabric to make a scarf and  age appropriate beverage cozy for the undergrad.

Wrapped, and in a gift bag!  I made a phone call, and headed over for Christmas Eve Brunch!  We had a great visit, and the family has new scarves to enjoy while attending functions at OSU.

Happy Holidays!

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