Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sew What? Mermaid's Tail Sofa Snuggler

Yes, this is my knitting blog, but sometimes fleece and sewing seem like a better choice!
My Roller Derby daughter asked for a mermaid's tail blanket like she'd seen on Pinterest. There are some beautiful patterns to knit and crochet, but I'd rather sew this project because I'd be making a mermaid's tail for my daughter and two grand-daughters. (And a sparkle costume for the NH grand-daughter.)

Let me share the process:
I made a trip to JoAnn's.  With sales & coupon magic, I spent $36.  The pattern was 40% = $9. The fleece kit, and fabric were 50% = $10 + $10.  I also bought some sparkle fabric to make the NH grand-daughter a Halloween costume.  (Next time, I'd purchase 2 yards fleece, and/or the 60"x72" kit.  Mermaids have long tails!) 
I came home, gathered supplies, and unfolded the pattern. The adult pattern was very large so I opted to use the children's, and placed it on fabric not concerned that it was also very wide.  I used pattern for the adult tail.
I folded the fleece right-sides together lengthwise 24"x 60", and again 12" x 60".
I placed and pinned the pattern. I trimmed the fabric around the bottom of the tail and fin.
(Next time, folded to 24"x72", and 12"x72".  Place the pattern at the bottom, leaving the extra fabric above the pattern. Mermaids have long tails!)
I continued to work with the right-sides together sewing the tail and fin.  I also zig-zag stitched the tail, but not the fin. 
Then I turned the work right-side out. I top stitched the edge and interior of the fin. 
 I took the work to the sofa.  Great fit for me, but as you remember from other posts, I am not 5' tall. These girls are 5'5".  Finished snuggler: 47" circumference, 60" length, but only 48" available for tail.  I did some thinking, and remembered most lap blankets are 72" long.
To solve that problem, I made a second trip to JoAnn's.  With sales & coupon magic, I spent an additional $14.  I purchase a yard of the chevron fabric, on the left, so I could  fussy cut an 18"strip centering the two blue chevrons.  The fabric, to the right, I cut in half creating two 48"x18" strips to sew at the top of the two tails. 
 Finished measurements: 47" circumference, 77" length, with 65" available for the tail. 
These are the finished Mermaid's Tail Sofa Snugglers.

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(And a sparkle costume for the NH grand-daughter.)

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  1. Awesome Idea to use a blanket kit!
    I am having fun crocheting tails using a simple shell stitch in the round.