Monday, October 29, 2012

Update: Felted Curly-Toe Stocking


I knitted over the weekend.  
I was really excited about the project.  Then I tossed the work into the washer, and the stocking came out more fanciful than I liked!  I will be modifying the pattern through the foot.  Once the LYS  Creative Beginnings opens, I'll get more wool, and try it again!

To be totally honest, 
I tried knitting the decreases through the sole.  In the new modifications, I'll be decreasing evenly around.

10/31/2012  Friends at the LYS knitting group really loved this stocking, and encouraged me to type the pattern!  I plan to do that, and have it available on Ravelry. 

 11/2/12 The Fanciful Curly-Toe Stocking pattern pdf  is available
on; login needed  
My user name is MarilynnsGarden.

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